Activate Dance Physio offers assessments and treatment for dancers of all ages and performance ability….

from professional through to students just starting out. Treating dancers and performance artists is our passion!

We understand your specific needs and challenges. Ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip-hop, ballroom and highland dancing are just some of the genres we cover!

We recognize the need to treat dancers and performers throughout their career and not just at the time of injury. We have specific expertise in improving areas of concern and tailoring our programs to the individual.

At Activate Dance Physio Susie Bond provides evidence-based diagnosis and treatment. Many of the physios and Pilates instructors at Activate, have experience in performance dance, so can provide specific direction on the physical capabilities of each student.

Note for the parents…

We understand that it’s hard to see your children in pain and we will support you when it comes to strategies on pain management, treatment and sustainable prevention of recurrence. It’s important that parents and physios work in partnership in order to attain the best results for your child. We aim to communicate with you at each stage through your child’s assessment and injury recovery process.

Note for dance teachers…

Activate Dance Physio would like to work with you in partnership, so your students maximise their performance and avoid any injuries.  We offer dancer-specific assessments that provide direction and treatment strategies tailored to the needs of your students.  We like to communicate progress with you (written or verbally) after each treatment so you can support your student in practice.

Who Can Benefit from Dance Physiotherapy and Dance Conditioning exercise?

  • Dancer who need ‘Hands on’ Physiotherapy Treatment for Dance related injury
  • Dancers wanting to augment their dance training with Dance Specific Conditioning Exercises and Pilates and Garuda exercise studio training
  • Students preparing for and attending their PRE POINTE assessment with Susie Bond
  • Dancers transitioning to professional careers, needing Dance assessment and advice such as pre college Tertiary Dance Council Forms
  • Injury prevention and recovery management for dancers

At Activate Dance Physio we understand that a dancer does not want to stop dancing!! There are injuries relating to dance and artistic performance are unique, requiring specialised physiotherapy knowledge. You want to get back to class and performance as quickly and safely as possible.

Our services for dancers and performance artists include:

  • Hands on Physiotherapy
  • Pre Pointe assessment
  • Dance assessment/ Tertiary Dance Council
  • Dancer’s Conditioning: Pilates, Garuda, Pre pointe
  • Workshops at Dance schools

Many of our team have dance careers in dance performance and teaching, so they have ideal understanding of your performance needs. We focus on your body areas that are most at risk and that need strengthening and motor control balance. We are here to ensure you get the best possible care.  This includes communication with parents, dance teachers, doctors, other health practitioners and employers, as directed by the individual client.

At Activate Dance Physio, recovery from injury and a safe return to the stage, are our main priorities.  Our approach may include deep tissue releases, gentle muscle energy techniques, manual joint mobilisation techniques, laser trigger point release, support taping or other traditional physiotherapy treatments.

Our treatment is influenced on work done by Sue Mayes and the The Australian Ballet Physio and rehab team, Dr Alison Grimaldi (Hip programme), Robyn Gant (foot and ankle) and many other top researchers. There is a strong hands on manual therapy approach and detailed exercise rehab progressions and advice.

Some of the most common dance related injury and conditions treated are:

  • Foot & Ankle : Ankle Tendon Issues, Posterior ankle Impingement, Lower limb stress fractures, Rehab following Os Trigonum operations
  • Knee : Patello femoral pain, Meniscus tears, ITB friction syndrome, Infra patella fat pad irritation, Recovery after Patella subluxation or dislocation
  • Hip : Anterior hip impingement, Clicking hip, Labral Tears, Lateral and posterior hip tendinopathy, Hamstring tears
  • Upper Body : Neck pain and Headaches, Thoracic Spine and Rib Ring Rehab, Shoulder injuries, Wrist and Elbow pain
  • Spine and Pelvis: Low back pain and stress reactions in bone, Sacroiliac joint and pelvic alignment dysfunction

Frequently Asked Questions

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Just yourself!

You may also bring:

  • A towel to cover the treatment bed if you wish to use your own
  • Any relevant medical information that may help your therapist in assessment and treatment of your condition. Eg. X-rays, MRIs, medical reports etc
  • Comfortable clothing in the form of loose fitting pants or shorts and a singlet.
  • For some consults you may bring often worn shoes, your sport shoes and your orthotics for us to look at in our assessments.
  • Don’t forget your private health fund so we can use our HICAPS facility to put your claim though as part of your payment, – or if you don’t have your cards with you, we can generate a special receipt for you so you can claim yourself

If you forget any or all of these items , don’t worry! We will still be more than happy to see you!

See our pre pointe assessment for more info on what to expect.

Please wear clothing that is easy to move in. Eg. Loose fitting shorts rather than tight fitting leggings. If you get here in your school uniform dress, I might have to provide a ‘towel nappy’ to cover you, when assessing your hip rotation! You do not have to wear ballet shoes, but bring any shoes along that you wish your physio to look at in your assessment. 

Yes we have change areas, and we also have a bathroom with a shower facility if needed.

We have a 24hr cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment less than 24hrs then the full fee will be incurred.

We facilitate your health fund claiming on the spot via our HICAPS system. Just bring your card with you. Claiming is available if you have Physiotherapy included in your health fund policy. Whilst we endeavour to have a Physiotherapist  or Exercise Physiologist on with a Pilates instructor in the exercise studio, supervising the sessions, we are unable to guarantee it in all cases. Most health funds require direct Physiotherapist’s supervision for claimable sessions. Please contact your health fund for all regulations and requirements regarding claiming and your individual policy.

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