We provide small group Pilates exercise sessions in our fully equipped Pilates studio. 

This involves equipment such as the reformer, trap-bed, barrels as well as some mat work. Our unique ‘Garuda apparatus’ is also used in the studio.

We keep our sessions small so you get close individual attention and assistance.

Our Instructor to Client ratio is 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 clients per session. Each person does their own exercise programme at their pace.  Many of our clients like to have regular weekly or twice weekly session times. If a client cant make their regular session, they often say: ‘Our body and mind misses this’.

Your goals, safety and progress are our aims. 

Pilates exercise principles are incorporated into your one hour, individualised exercise session:

  • Breathing
  • Centre
  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Flow of Movement 
  • Precision of Movement

Who can benefit from pilates?

Our experienced Pilates instructors are here for everyone, including:

  • Active people who want to enhance and augment their physical training
  • Pregnant women who want a low-impact way to prepare for childbirth and being a mum
  • Busy people who want to relax their body and mind
  • Athletes and dancers who want to enhance their performance 
  • People recovering from injury or pain

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Comfortable workout cloths like gym pants and tee shirts

For hygiene and safety

  • Clean socks which may have ‘grip’ non slip pads on the sole
  • A towel to cover equipment and mat

If you forget a towel or socks:

We have towels for hire $5

And A selection of grip socks for sale.

Yes we have change areas, and we also have a bathroom with a shower facility if needed.

Please email or call our friendly admin staff to make your initial assessment and future studio Pilates appointments.

All new clients and clients returning after a long break are require a private initial Assessment.

We like to get to know you to:

  • assist us in setting your exercise goals
  • introduce you to Pilates principles, exercises and safe use of equipment
  • Assessing relevant health and any physical restrictions that may require our instructors either introducing safe exercise modification or increasing your challenge.

We have a 24hr cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment less than 24hrs then the full fee will be incurred.

We facilitate your health fund claiming on the spot via our HICAPS system. Just bring your card with you. Claiming is available if you have Physiotherapy included in your health fund policy. Whilst we endeavour to have a Physiotherapist  or Exercise Physiologist on with a Pilates instructor in the exercise studio, supervising the sessions, we are unable to guarantee it in all cases. Most health funds require direct Physiotherapist’s supervision for claimable sessions. Please contact your health fund for all regulations and requirements regarding claiming and your individual policy.

Gift vouchers are available for all of our Pilates services. Please contact our administration staff to purchase.