Before dancers commence pointe work, we recommend that dance teachers and parents bring their children to do a pre-pointe assessment.  

It has been Susie’s pleasure to do hundreds of Pre Pointe assessments for students over many years.

Susie assesses  spinal and foot alignment, hip and ankle/foot muscle strength and joint mobility in order to determine a young dancer’s risk of injury and suitability for pointe work.  

Our aim is to provide professional assessment of alignment and strength, that allow safe pressure through growth plates in the bones and developing lower limb tissues. This will ensure that dancers moving to the next level are well prepared and can focus on any areas that may need to be improved.

What is Involved in a Pre Pointe Assessment

  • We can come to you
    You can attend the practice at either location (Annandale or North Strathfield), or your teacher can organise for Susie to come to your studio for a group assessment.
  • What Wear and What to bring:
    please wear clothing that is easy to move in. Eg. Leotard and footless stockings. If you get here in your school uniform dress, I might have to provide a ‘towel nappy’ when assessing your hip rotation! You do not have to wear ballet shoes. 
  • Injuries & dance practice. 
    You will be asked about any past injuries and what your current dance practice entails ie. Hours, intensity etc  
  • The physical exam.
    Susie will assess your strength, range of joint movements and alignment balance needed for your performance skill
  • Proactive Improvement Strategies.
    We will discuss specific areas of limb alignment, strength and flexibility that need to be worked on
  • Exercises.
    You will receive an exercise sheet with your exercises explained. If needed, Theraband is included in the price of the assessment.
  • Follow Up. 
    A secondary assessment may be required after strengthening exercises are undertaken, to ensure dancers are safe to progress to the next level. Pre pointe Exercise conditioning groups may be running at the time, for you to join.