Welcome to Activate Physio. Pilates. Exercise Rehab!

We are here to help people of all ages, create tailored strategies that aim to heal body injuries, overcome health setbacks, regain and increase strength, and manage and decrease aches and pains.

We want you to be able to continue to stay active and do what you love.

Based in Sydney’s inner west, we offer Physiotherapy consultations, guided Exercise Rehab and Pilates exercise sessions, run by fully trained and experienced staff. Our friendly and supportive environment encourages healing as you evolve to a better level of physical health. We hope you experience an ‘oasis’ space, where you can concentrate on care for yourself and your family. We are located on the first floor, up internal stairs however a lift is also available.

Our Core Services

  • Physiotherapy assessments and Hands on Treatment
  • Therapeutic exercise for rehabilitation
  • Studio Pilates
  • A Wide variety of Group mat, barre stretch, dance and circuit Classes
  • Physiotherapy for Dancers and Performing Artists
  • Garuda exercise workouts to suit a wide range of abilities.

Meet Our Founder

Susie Bond

When you have been so used to being active and independent, and it’s frustrating when pains or injuries get in the way of doing what you love.

Believe me, I understand. I’ve been active my whole life and l love to experience many dance and movement related activities such as gymnastics, sailing, beach walks and skiing.

Physiotherapy has been a great ‘fit’ as an active career for me since 1987. Back in the early 90’s I suffered a dance-related foot injury that prevented me from doing all the activities I love.

I was interested to hear about how Pilates helped dancers overcome injuries, so I joined a Pilates studio in the early 1990’s. I discovered a whole amazing exercise Method! I was able to exercise while I was healing.

I had already been working as a physiotherapist in hospital then private practice, when I decided to train as a Pilates instructor completing a studio apprenticeship in 1996, in addition to Clinical Pilates courses. I came to realise the benefits for all people, not only dancers. I extended my training overseas, when I worked as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor in London in the late ‘90’s. I have been doing a mixture of Physio and Pilates based rehab exercise treatment since!

What drives me most is my passion for helping people and caring for them, so they can live without pain and enjoy their lives.

I love to continuously learn new healing modalities to benefit my clients, including hands on manual therapy, Laser trigger point therapy and therapies based on the latest best practice research.

My greatest gift is helping people heal and showing them how to exercise without causing pain. I see this as a two way process with my clients. A mix of hands on Physio and ‘Movement as Medicine’ is a major part of my physio approach.

I’ve brought together a team of experienced practitioners so we can give our clients holistic solutions. We work with mutual respect for each other’s talents and expertise.

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