Some women experience low back and pelvic pain during and after their pregnancy.

This may be associated with joint laxity, postural weakness and pelvic floor changes.

Susie and her team have worked with 100’s of ladies over 25 years to achieve pain free lives, with functional control and strength for all their daily activities.

Our physiotherapists will assess and treat you and offer our best advice to you. This may include Physio manual therapy treatments for pain and difficulty moving. We often follow with targeted exercise rehab to get you back to your lifestyle of choice. This involves Pilates based specific strengthening exercises in the fully equipped studio. We help you to improve your posture and movement patterns to prevent pain returning. We want to partner with you to allow you to return to life and exercise in a way that is safe for your body.

If you have concerns about the strength of your pelvic floor, or are experiencing difficulty with your bladder control, we can offer an indirect measure of pelvic floor lift via suprapubic bladder neck view real time ultrasound biofeedback assessment and specific exercises for the condition. We also refer on to a women’s health Physiotherapist at our premises to help you, as a more specific pelvic floor muscle assessment and advice may be needed. We can work with the woman’s health physio to treat urgency, urge incontinence, over active bladder and pelvic pain.

Specific physiotherapy treatments at Activate Physio may include:

  • Massage and release of tight trigger points
  • Pelvic floor and ‘Core’ muscle exercise program
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Sacroiliac belt or taping
  • Assessment of rib, pelvis or low back pain
  • Advice about safe daily function

Frequently Asked Questions

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Just yourself! You can bring your baby too. However experience shows us that most babies are happy for 20-30 minute assessments and treatments, before they get wiggly and needing attention! So you might want to organise some ‘ time out’ for yourself, so you can concentrate on your treatment and healing for longer appointments. We are happy to assist when we can.

You may also bring:

  • A towel to cover the treatment bed if you wish to use your own
  • Any relevant medical information that may help your therapist in assessment and treatment of your condition. Eg. X-rays, MRIs, medical reports etc
  • Comfortable clothing in the form of loose fitting pants or shorts and a singlet. We can also supply ‘very sexy’ Physio shorts.. ?!
  • For some consults you may bring often worn shoes, your sport shoes and your orthotics for us to look at in our assessments.
  • Please see specific instructions if you need to have a real time ultrasound biofeedback consult to check ‘bladder neck lift’ an indirect assessment of pelvic floor muscle function * Link*
  • Don’t forget your private health fund and/or medicare card so we can use our HICAPS facility to put your claim though as part of your payment, – or if you don’t have your cards with you, we can generate a special receipt for you so you can claim yourself

If you forget any or all of these items , don’t worry! We will still be more than happy to see you!

You do not need a referral from a doctor to see a physiotherapist in Australia.

However we often work in consultation with a registered health professionals like your doctor, physio, osteopath or podiatrist, who can refer people to Activate Physio Pilates for specific assistance with physio supervised tailored exercise rehab programmes.

We also receive referrals from many other people including massage therapists, acupuncturists, Pilates instructors and from clients themselves. We are happy to work with practitioners who refer you, so you have the best outcomes for your whole treatment.

Generally Ladies book for studio Pilates and exercise rehab sessions for 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 ratio instructor to Client sessions after their Initial assessment, so we can give individualised exercise programmes to each person. We currently do not run group pre and post natal exercise classes, where everyone is doing the same exercise together, but we are open to expressions of interest for these if you have a group.

No. Medicare does not cover physiotherapy unless you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan (previously Enhanced Primary Care Plan or EPC) that has been given to you by your doctor.

If you speak with your doctor and are eligible for the Chronic Disease Management Plan, please tell us when you book your appointment. The Chronic Disease Management Plan entitles you to up to five physiotherapy treatment sessions per calendar year. We claim these Chronic Disease Management Plan treatment sessions on the spot electronically, this means that you will only pay the gap payment for these visits.

We have a 24hr cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment less than 24hrs then the full fee will be incurred.

We facilitate your health fund claiming on the spot via our HICAPS system. Just bring your card with you. Claiming is available if you have Pilates or Physiotherapy included in your health fund policy. Whilst we endeavor to have a Physiotherapist or certified Pilates instructor with an association provider number supervising the sessions, we are unable to guarantee it in all cases. Most health funds require direct Physiotherapist’s supervision for claimable sessions. Please contact your health fund for all regulations and requirements regarding claiming and your individual policy.